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Corporate strategy

OMB, as a provider of comprehensive services in sales management, business development,

process management and organizational development, is pursuing a substantial growth course.

The growth is to be secured in the long term through three business lines

- Sales and Marketing, Interim Management, and Management Consulting.












This chart shows you how we can work together with you in order

to become successfull for your company.


Through our three business lines and the associated diversification, we ensure that

we can offer our clients a comprehensive and integrated solution, and balancing

inconstancy in the market that occur for our company in order ensuring

continuous growth finally.

An essential pillar in our strategy is our global alignment in the markets of

Europe and Asia. With our locations and the respective resources, we would

like to be the gateway for our customers and enable our customers to

sustain their internationalization.

INTERIM Management

当社のINTERIM Management事業は、国内外において御社が抱えるボトルネックやリソース不足などの問題に対し、迅速に成功に導く営業支援をサポートします。



We offer:





und weiteres, siehe Vertrieb und Marketing

Sales and Marketing



We offer:







We offer: