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Try the Formel I – Why? It is one of the ways for a successful business abroad!

Aktualisiert: 19. Nov. 2020

They exist! The cultural peculiarities.

They complicate our daily business abroad. But we can meet these challenges in international business by positioning ourselves with intercultural competence, communication, a clear attitude and mutual respect for the foreign nation.

One way to success in business abroad that can help you with your internationalization is "Formula I" - powererd by open + minded + business

What does it mean?

Formula I stands for Formula "Internationlisation". International sales play a major role in internationalization.Therefore, intercultural competence must also be available in sales. In the daily practice of foreign business, it is important that each partner is able to adjust to the other and, above all, to understand and respect the partner. Cultural differences affect our behavior. Why shouldn't we use this influence positively for our daily dealings in international sales? I'm talking about "benefit" here, not changing one's behavior just to win business. A one-way street does not lead to success in international business in the medium term.

The common understanding and acceptance of the other culture in the respective market is the key to the success of a medium and long-term business relationship in international sales.

This is the SUCCESS KEY:

if I want to do business as a “German” in Japan, I think in German, but act in “Japanese”

if I want to do business as a "Japanese" in Germany, I think in Japanese, but act in "German"

Please, change the name of the prospective market/country.

It is with respect to the targeted foreign market to adjust its mindset, but to leave one's principles never. (Michael Eckardt, CEO OMB Vertriebsmanagement GmbH and OMB Japan K.K.)

When do you will use this SUCCESS KEY?

A nice another example, why cross cultural communication is important, please look at the link in the first comment below:

Formel I - powered by OMB

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